I'm Florence Ion.

December 16, 2017

Happy Almost-the-end-of-the-year! Boy, aren't we glad that this year's nearly done with?

I've recently shifted my work over to a couple of other publications. You can now find my writing on Android Authority and Dgit, where I've been dabbling in smart home tech and the artificial intelligence that drives it. I've been filming video segments for both sites, too, and will be updating my reel in the new year.

I'm still penning op-eds on Google and the Android operating system. I've also been spending time in Silicon Valley, interviewing interesting people. And I continue to co-host All About Android on Tuesday nights, as well as the Material Podcast on the Relay FM network.

Right now, I'm prepping for CES 2018. If you're interested in scheduling a meeting, toss me an email. (Please use this email link if inquiring about CES.)

I'll have another update for you on some other very exciting! projects after I'm back and recuperated from CES. Stay tuned!