Who is Flo?

Where do we even start?

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I'm Florence Ion, a journalist focused on consumer technology and delivering the best buying advice. I write about the Android operating system, smartphones, tablets, the smart home, connected devices (IoT), virtual reality, and augmented reality. I co-host the All About Android podcast and the Material Podcast.

For the past eight years, I’ve worked as a full-time writer and editor for a number of print and online publications, including MacLife, Maximum PC, Ars Technica, PC World, Greenbot, and Android Central.

I’ve also written pieces for PC Gamer, Nintendo Power, TechHive, Macworld, VRHeads, and iMore.

I once wrote a column where I interviewed prominent and influential players in the Android sphere. I offered tips to readers of the New York Times on how to customize their Galaxy S7s. I hung out at NASA a few times.

I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m available for writing, event coverage, and on-camera video hosting. Please email me at florence.ion at gmail dot com if you're interested in collaborating.