What are you doing, Flo?

It’s ridiculous that it took me this long to launch my own blog, but here it is, in all of its unedited, I-merely-ran-it-through-Grammarly glory. My intentions for this blog are to publish my weird musings and to provide you with a look a what I’m doing at my desk every day. It turns out that posting links to my work on Twitter when everyone else is waxing poetic about Zuckerberg isn’t the best way to promote myself. But that’s how we’re learning, folks! This freelance game is a learning one and I am here for the journey. Please join me! I promise it’ll be entertaining, at the very least.

Overall, my goal in life is to be more creative—to pursue the stories that keep me up at night, to keep putting together buying guides for people who need help navigating the aisles at Best Buy and to find out the truth behind all those fancy marketing slogans. Most importantly, I want to continue to empower people to make their own tech-buying decisions. To that end, if you need help choosing your next Android smartphone or internet-connected thing, there’s a contact form you can fill out that will deliver your query right to my inbox. I can’t always reply to every email I get, but I will try my best. You might even see your answer show up in a blog post! (If you have an Android-specific question, I suggest sending it to All About Android, where my co-hosts can also help. Three minds are always better than one!)

Thanks for following me here. It’s great to see you.