Updates are coming soon

Yeah, sorry. I’ve nothing for you at this moment. I’m currently working in Portland, inside a punk rock cafe playing 90’s alternative rock hits and—for reasons I can’t explain other than the fact that I’m actually procrastinating from filing paid work—I remembered that I hadn’t updated this blog in a long dang time. And so, I’d like to offer an explanation.

Summertime turned out being a lot more lucrative for me than I had anticipated and I’m incredibly thankful to the freelance gods for whatever mercy they bestowed upon me because it fired me up! I took on some fantastic new clients, including Lifehacker and Android Police, where I’m writing about Android things again. I haven’t written about Android in a while as I’ve been so focused on catching up with what’s been going on with the smart home the past few years. But now that I’m caught up, and I’ve produced 12 episodes of a show about the Internet of Things, I feel ready to come back to my first love.

Of course, I am a multifaceted person, and I have other interests, too. I’m feeling more and more ready to dive into them every day, though I’m not quite there yet. I know this sounds like drivel to stall myself, but trust; other writers out there will surely understand that this is the process, and since I’ve been writing about one very specific topic of things for the last decade, I’ve gotta retrain my writing muscles on all that other stuff I used to write about.

That’s why I’m starting a series called When I Used to Write. I’ll be posting old poetry, stories, drawings, journal entries, and anything else that I feel comfortable enough to post here, a site where I’d intended to promote myself.

I’ll still be promoting my work on florenceion.com, but because it’s my space on the web and I pay for it all myself, I do what I want. Plus, with social media becoming a political tool for the elite, I’m hoping to separate myself a bit from the madness. Somedays it’s too much to handle.

I’ll follow up with work I’ve done over the last season in just a bit. For now, consider this a statement of purpose as I repurpose my space(s) on the web. And watch this 10 minute video of me talking about my smart home: