Listen: The existential nature of writing for a living

Admittedly, I’m not so good at promoting myself. It’s likely due to years of ingrained self-criticism and extreme introversion, but nevertheless, we push through what makes us uncomfortable in hopes of uncovering more depth within ourselves.

(This is a helpful write-up for anyone else who feels just as weird about promoting themselves.)

Have you checked out the latest episode of Juan Bagnell’s Creator Chat podcast? Juan made me blush with the description of our talk:

Flo Ion is one of my favorite voices in the consumer tech space. She seems to effortlessly move from corny jokes in a smartphone podcast to joining heavy political discussions, and she’s not afraid to make a discussion personal. But that’s the trick, isn’t it? The people who are really good at hosting and joining a discussion make it look easy. Keeping a regular production schedule while pitching freelance articles. Staying passionate about the subjects you cover. Carving out a little time for family, for friends, and for yourself. It’s a marathon. It takes a respectable amount of discipline. And Flo has a lot to say on that subject.

I’m incredibly grateful for Juan’s time, and for making the space to have this conversation in the first place. Please give it a listen when you have a chance.