On habits

I’m trying to get into the habit of having better habits, like updating this website more than once every three months. The thing is, I have a ton of ideas brewing in my head, but because I’m a scatterbrained introvert with a whole host of confidence issues to weather, it takes me a bit longer to get there—to the actual execution of the thing that’s been rattling in my brain.

Despite what I said in my last update, I’m not going to post old journal entries and poetry here. That stuff is deeply personal to me and emblematic of a time when I relied on writing for comfort. It is not content to share with the world at large. I can barely paw through it myself, as most of it was written while I was in duress. The thing is, I don’t want that kind of relationship with my writing anymore. I don’t want it to be merely associated with How I Make Money and How I Express My Pain. There are other stories I want to tell, and other realms I hope to explore.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a new directory sprout up that will house very different content from me. I’m hoping to tap into my inner creativity, the thing that got me into turning my observations into stories in the first place. The directory won’t look much like this site—I don’t plan to set up an RSS feed for it, or a self-archiving blog—and that’s because I’m planning to experiment with a slightly different format. Expect to see something at the beginning of the new year.

As for the main site? I’m going to stick to technology—or at least, keep it tech-adjacent. I’ll post original content here once in a while, and go back to answering the dozens of questions y’all have sent me that are still waiting in my inbox. (I’m so sorry. I wasn’t able to give it the energy it deserved over the summer.) I’ll also be concocting a statement of purpose because I strongly believe it’s important to lay out why I’m on the internet writing about anything in the first place (besides the fact that it’s the only thing I figured I’d enjoy doing for a while). And, I’ll more explicitly point to the publications I’m actively writing for in a separate section.

In the meantime, you can still use the main contact form to send me a message or ask for some tech help. (Please do not use this form to pitch me.) I’m still on Twitter, too, though I’ll reply only if I think I can point you in the right direction. I’m also adding where and when you can see me around the internet to the calendar on the right of the main page since I’m always around at the same time every week either recording a podcast or playing a game. Check there if you want to know when I’m podcasting or streaming my life in Skyrim.