What happened to more frequent posts?

Did you know writing for a living is hard work? It sure is, especially if you’re penning what the internet calls “content” about yourself and everything you write feels like drudgery. I feel like everything I wrote for free sucks! Is it because I know I’m not getting paid for it? (If I write listicles, will you please start clicking on the links so that I can start making some money off of this website? At least enough to pay the annual fee to my web host!)

I can’t believe I have the guts to put up a website

It took me a while to feel brave enough to post here on a consistent basis. I can’t believe I have the guts to put up a website in the first place. I would have never done this when I was younger—I mean, I did do this all when I was younger, but when I started to go to school for it, that’s when I began feeling unsure of my abilities. Before college, all I wrote were personal diatribes about all the people who failed me or thrilled me. Things like angry letters to adults or forlorn poetry about boys with toxic tendencies. That first journalism class opened me up to the kind of work I’d signed up for—and it scared the shit out of me. (So did all the others on campus I’d met who’d warned that Journalism 100 is what made them change majors.)

Anyway, I’m not in college anymore. I’m a professional, and even though I work in tattered leggings and two-day-old shirts, I’ve done enough these last ten years to know I’m capable of doing the work on my own.

Here’s some stuff I’ve done lately that you might be interested in checking out:

  • Material: We posted late last week, so I wanted to resurface this for anyone who hasn’t listened to it. Andy and I started off with jovial talk about Chromebooks and how great they are, though things took a turn when we started chatting about Andy Rubin. It wasn’t an easy conversation to record, as it’s a particularly triggering subject. But I opined exactly the way I could.
  • Reviewed: I wrote up a list of some of the best apps to try if you use Hue bulbs, for both iOS and Android users. My favorite of the batch includes Yeti, which is great for beginners, and IFTTT, which basically runs my life.
  • This one is about the Google Home Hub: And you can read about my favorite feature of the smart display. I’m currently outlining a piece about what it doesn’t do so well, so stay tuned for that one. If it’s not going up on a site somewhere, I’ll post it here.

Check back in a few days. I’ll be queuing up some questions to go up for those of you who have been submitting them. And keep sending them my way! If you’ve got any holiday questions, I’ve got plenty of advice.