CES 2019 (but from home)

CES 2019: Follow along from home

It’s officially the week of the annual Consumer Electronics Show and the first time in a long time that I don’t have my boots on the ground covering everything with Android or Chrome OS built into it. 

For those of you wondering why I’m staying home this year: I need to regroup. I resolved to spend 2019 being more mindful about the kind of tech coverage I provide and I didn’t want to thrust myself back out there without a solidified mission statement. If I’m going to continue being a Service Journalist to you fine folks, then I should be of service. This year felt like the right time to take a pause and reassess where I’d like to put my efforts, and a week at home watching a major tech show from the sidelines in the comfort of my pajamas and colorless lip balm felt like exactly what needed to happen.

My plan for this week is to stay current on what’s being talked about on the show floor, with the help of so many other publications doing the work and reporting on what’s new and exciting. Then, when my editors get back, I’ll know the kinds of stories they’re looking for and what I’ll need to start researching to make myself of use to them. I’ll be here all week musing about the show and some of what I’m looking forward to.

Here’s what’s caught my eye so far