CES 2019 (but from home)

CES 2019: Smart home products galore

I don’t give CES the credit that’s due because it is an incredibly tiring show to cover as a journalist. There is just so much new stuff to look at, analyze, and figure out if it’s worth dropping hard-earned cash on. Try doing that at the same time you’re not sleeping or eating well, all the while attending both early morning and late night keynotes and trying to make several deadlines in tandem. This is why they coined the phrase, “ignorance is bliss.”

Delivery man at the doorbell via the Ring app
When you can clearly see through your Ring View Cam that the delivery person is having a bad hair day.

I’m not on the show floor this year, but I am keeping up with my respective beats in preparation for what I’ll be testing and writing about the rest of the year. Here is what has piqued my interest thus far:

    • Ring’s showing off a wire-free camera that goes over your front door’s peephole. It’s great for renters because it doesn’t require much disruption to install. Imagine the kind of combo this would make with the August Smart Lock Pro, another security product geared towards renters. This is likely the year we’ll see more smart home stuff tailored for those in less malleable living situations.
    • TP-Link makes reliable smart home gadgets that aren’t costly, and now they’re making security cameras and voice-activated light switches, too. It’s good to expand, especially now that the TP-Link Kasa app works with the Google Assistant. Finally, I can talk to my salt lamp.
    • I am probably going to buy the JBL Link Drive for my car and see how it performs alongside Android Auto on my Pixel 3.
    • Samsung’s Bixby is going into appliances and cars, and soon, Google Apps will work with the digital assistant.
    • More Philips bulbs to add to my already decent collection.
    • The Google Assistant is on nearly one billion devices and I feel a bit jolted by that fact, even though I realized it some time ago. I love the convenience of the Google Assistant in my life. But I’m starting to get concerned about all the microphones in my house and in my pocket, and whether it’s an especially necessary thing in an age where we’re finding that pulling back from technology actually makes us happier people. (Again, I am working through some extremely conflicting feelings.)

    Of course, that’s not what CES is for—it’s not here to solve the world’s technology problems. It’s simply a pageant for all the new toys and things you’ll be able to by sometime this year (or never—there’s always that possibility). Anything you’re particularly excited about that has been announced this week? Drop me a line (or leave a comment) and we’ll chat about it (in which I mean I will subtweet you here at my blog).

    I’ll be back here tomorrow with another roundup of what I found interesting.

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  1. I’m so, so glad you are doing this, Flo! I had no idea about the JBL Drive Link, and then when the similar Anker version got announced, I preordered it. Saved me nearly $500 in upgrading the head unit in my car to get Android access! Thanks.

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