CES 2019 (but from home)

CES 2019: What we had to say about Google

The thing about CES is that you can expect most of the exciting stuff to make headway at the beginning of the week when it’s just the press prowling around. The rest of the week remains devoted to any catchup, one-on-one interviews, and brand-centric things like awards. Many of your favorite sites have likely already put together their Best Of lists, while others are going deep into the news and product launches that matter.

On the podcasting side, we spent the week recapping the show as we were following along at home. On All About Android, we talked at length about Google’s announcements this week, as well as all the new devices with the Google Assistant built inside. On the Material podcast, Andy and I recapped Assitant Connect at length, including how it could bring new integrations to even the most basic of devices in your home. And on the Download podcast, also a part of the Relay FM family, I was invited to offer my CES 2019 “draft picks.” We talked more about Google Assistant Connect, the Impossible Burger 2.0 (I still haven’t tried one), and why I think it’s ridiculous that Audi announced a virtual reality experience for the car (I am queasy just thinking about it).

Got any questions about CES 2019 this week? Ask me; maybe I can help you parse the news and navigate some of the new device launches.