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I am not here to take up your time (yes I am). But since reading the internet is part of my writing process (which can be both inspiring and daunting in this day and age), I figured I could at least make that time I’m perusing through my feeds productive by picking out the bits that resonated the most.

So that’s what this is! Just midweek things.

Google Sidewalk Labs plans to package and sell location data from millions of phones

How do you feel about Google helping city planners construct cities around advertising to you? (Do you even notice it, anymore?)

Replica is a perfect example of surveillance capitalism, profiting from information collected from and about us as we use the products that have become a part of our lives. We need to start asking, as a society, if we are going to continue to allow business models that are built around exploiting our information without meaningful consent.Brenda McPhail, director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s Privacy, Technology, and Surveillance Project

As a supplement to the article above, a weeks-long experiment over at Gizmodo explores life without Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. This week it’s about Google. Grab the popcorn, then grab your life support because you’re in for a rude awakening about how much the company has embedded its products and services in every tech-thing you use.

One day, blocking Google could be even harder. With Sidewalk Labs, a product from the company to “smarten up” urban areas, Google’s trackers will extend into the real world, tracking not just how we move around the web but how we move around our cities. That would lead to tracking that [we] might not be able to stop.
Kashmir Hill, Gizmodo

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