Why I use SMS Backup & Restore Pro

I figured it’d be worth writing about the apps that I bring to the All About Android arena each week. For the uninitiated, that’s a segment toward the end of the podcast I record with the TWiT network on Tuesday nights. I have to present an app that I’m using and make a case for why it’s worth someone’s time.

I also figured that by writing this, it would give me an excuse to use the Google Play widget plug-in I installed a while back. I’ll be damned if I went through all that labor for nothing.

SMS Backup & Restore Pro
SMS Backup & Restore Pro
Developer: SyncTech Pty Ltd
Price: $4.99

Android is much better at backing up apps and accounts than it used to be, but it still doesn’t sweep for texts and calls. Which is why this week, I’m showing off SMS Backup & Restore Pro. It saved me a massive headache when I was dealing with the whole broken-phone fiasco. And it is worth the few bucks it costs for the pro version. (Also, support your devs!)

The app features SMS, MMS, and call log backup directly to your favorite cloud account (as long as it’s Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox you favor, that is). There are ample settings for fine-tuning what’s backed up and the app lets you do the transfer through your WiFi network if the cloud isn’t available. SMS Backup & Restore Pro also offers automatic backup, so that each time you plug in your phone to charge, you’re preserving text messages and phone calls.

I paid for SMS Backup & Restore Pro mainly because I don’t like advertisements. I mean, I do, because they pay for some of the work I do. But I hate to be inundated with them on mobile because it tends to sour the entire experience. Anyway, aren’t we advertised to enough?

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