Why I use Toggl to track my work time

Being a freelance writer means I have to regulate myself. There’s no annual performance reviews or weekly staff meetings with managers to hold me accountable. Instead, it’s my wallet, because if I’m not working, it means I’m not making any money. And that’s hard to get away with when you live in California.

I can now recognize where to put my working time

Toggl’s to-the-point time tracking app helped me efficiently reorganize my work life. These past few weeks have been some of the most intense. Whereas right after the holidays tends to be the quietest time for work, the April showers bring May flowers in the form of deadlines, a wealth of opportunities, and a renewed willingness for getting shit done. Toggl has helped me keep track of how much work I’m taking on, and how much it will take to finish the projects I want to make time for desperately. Over the last eight months that I’ve been using the app, I aggregated enough data that I can now recognize where to put my working time to maximize the payoff so that I can have extra hours each week to pursue personal endeavors. Toggl helped take some of the guesswork out of trying to figure out how to balance everything I have going on in life.

Toggl is free for Android users. And best of all, no ads are blaring at you while you’re trying to use it.

Apple user?
You can find Toggl in the App Store. It’s just as free and devoid of advertising.

What I like

I like that I can log in with my Google account and have that synced across different platforms. I love the Chrome extension that pops up with the timer in my Google Doc. The time reports are easy to access, and you can edit your time entries as you need in case you leave the meter running (I often do). There’s even a Googe Calendar plugin so that any meeting you file to a specific calendar shows up as worked time in the Toggl tracker.

What I don’t like

You can access your Toggl time sheets and reports through the web, and while the interface improved from when I started using it, I find it be somewhat unintuitive compared to the mobile app.

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