How does iOS 13 stand up to Android Q?

Yes, I watched the Apple event this week, and willingly, too. I’m always curious to see what people are excited to drop gobs of money on. The iOS 13 update is coming later this year to iPhones everywhere and with it will arrive a bunch of Android features I already enjoy. I wrote about them for Lifehacker.

  • How to Prevent and Respond to a SIM Swap Scam
    by Brendan Hesse on June 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    When ZDNet’s Matthew Miller got hit with a SIM swap attack, he described it as a “horror story” that caused him to lose “decades of data.” And he’s not being hyperbolic; more than a week later, he’s still dealing with the aftereffects, and there’s no guarantee from some of the major tech players—including Twitter and …Read more... […]

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