Abode Iota Review: DIY Security with a Built-in Camera

Remember the time I told you that I cover DIY security? My review of the Abode Iota just went up at Tom’s Guide. It’s a security kit with everything you need to watch over the front door and a main room. You’ll need to buy extra accessories to cover more ground.

Do-it-yourself home security is the easiest when all you have to do is plug in one thing to do everything. That’s precisely the premise behind the Abode Iota, the company’s second-generation security product. Like its Abode Essentials Starter Kit, the Iota comes with everything you need to watch over your house and automate it. However, the Iota also has a camera built into it, and though it’s not as smart as stand-alone security cameras, it’s certainly nice to have along with everything else, which is why the Iota is one of the best DIY security systems.

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