Stuff I Like: Divoom Pixoo

I bought the Divoom Pixoo after researching it on Amazon and reading through a related Android Police review of the brand. It’s a programmable digital picture frame for lovers of pixel art. I bought it as decor for my office, and because I’m a sucker for useless gadgets like this.

I’m a sucker for useless gadgets like this

You control the Pixoo with your smartphone via Bluetooth. There’s a bustling community accessible through the Divoom app that’s already uploaded plenty of animated and static pixel art for you to choose from, or you can make your own. The Pixoo can also serve as a social media notification counter, or act as a visualizer when you have music loudly playing in the background. There are other modes available, too, though I’ve yet to dive into them all.

The Pixoo is tricky to manage if you mount it up somewhere high. You’ll have to pull it down every time you want to charge it unless you have a long enough charging cord to plug it in. The battery lasts only six hours, which is almost enough time to get through a party, though not long enough to last for the stragglers. At the very least, there’s a built-in kickstand, so you can use it as a picture frame if you want to hide the cable when it’s charging.

The Divoom Pixoo is $50. There’s not much documentation in the box save for which app to download, and the app can be a hassle to work with. There is no evolutionary need for this product, though it does bring me joy when I’m having a hard day. There’s nothing more comforting than a pixelated Pikachu cheering you on.

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