Stuff I Like: RadioTunes

Spotify’s algorithms bore me. I am rarely enthused by what’s pushed towards my attention in my Discover Weekly playlist, which is why I remain a diehard subscriber to Digitally Imported and its various properties, including RadioTunes.

I like RadioTunes because I miss the radio

I like RadioTunes because I miss the radio. I don’t even know if real people man RadioTunes—the channel director for my favorite station, 90’s Hits, always says RadioTunes Staff is managing it—but I love the nostalgia trip.

I only got into RadioTunes because I realized that my paid subscription to Digitally Imported included access to this site (as well as Rock Radio, Jazz Radio, and Classical Radio). I figured I’d take advantage of what I’m already paying for, and the tradeoff is that I don’t have to deal with a misplaced algorithm or some random person’s poorly curated playlist.

If you’re already feeling subscription fatigue, you don’t have to pay for RadioTunes. The free version streams with advertisements between every few songs, and the same goes for the other stations. It’s the kind of thing you can put on in the background while you’re doing house chores, working on the car, or, in the case of me, putting together a mechanical keyboard.

RadioTunes is available for Android, iOS, and through the browser. There’s also a station on TuneIn Radio, another internet radio provider.


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