Why I use Background Eraser to make my own memes

I excel at wasting my time, which is how I manage to find arbitrary apps like Background Eraser. The only point of this app is to make your own stickers. You won’t evolve as a person by downloading it, nor will it fulfill a void in your empty heart. But it will make it possible for you to make your own memes, or at the very least, superimpose a photo of yourself into a vintage cast photo of your favorite television show.

I can’t quite explain why Snookie is there…

Background Eraser seemed worth a try after I noticed the incredible amount of downloads and positive reviews. In fact, Background Eraser is so well known, that three of my favorite icon packs offer a designated glyph for the app. It’s clearly made the rounds in the Google Play Store and it has a presence in the App Store, too.

Background Eraser is fairly easy to use. The interface reminds me of the early days in Adobe Photoshop. Simply drag the cursor around to erase the background, thereby outlining your subject. There’s an Auto mode that erases similar pixels, though it kind of falters on super-compressed images or busy backgrounds. There’s also an Extract mode that lets you remove objects with blue and red markers. I hardly used either of those options. Instead, I used the manual mode with the aid of the Baseus stylus (an impulse purchase off of AliExpress, naturally) to make this sticker of Celine Dion adorning a spiked choker and riding an electric scooter in heels.

What I like

I like that Background Eraser is fairly straightforward and easy to figure out. I also like that there’s a readily available Undo button because cutting out a digital object remains one of the most tedious hand exercises.

What I don’t like

That I can’t support the developers and toss them a couple of bucks to remove the advertisements.

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