It’s time for an update

Plenty of content I’ve worked on has posted over the months, but I’ve been too busy with other projects to remember to post about them. Whoops! Anyway, that’s what this blog is for.

If you’re into gaming laptops and reading, the update to Reviewed’s Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 has published. It’s a shared byline with my editor and includes some of the picks I worked on while testing a barrage of high-end gaming laptops over the summer. It’s only been a week and a half since I sent the laptops to Reviewed headquarters, and I already miss them dearly. There’s something about displays with 144Hz refresh rates and high-performance Nvidia graphics cards that leaves quite the impression.

I will return to Twitch streaming

On that note, I will return to Twitch streaming, but don’t expect the kind of miracles I managed when I had the gaming laptops around here. Skyrim stutters on my three-year-old Dell Inspiron 15, so I’ll be setting up a spare XPS 13 to handle the processing duties. I’m working on a budget because I want a new DSLR down the line. That’s why I’m not buying a new laptop, or upgrading to the Pixel 4 when it launches later this year.

Moving on: I wrote a few how-tos for Reviewed. They’ve been posting over the last few months. Here they are, in order of post date:

Lastly, I had a how-to publish on Lifehacker late last month that I forgot to post! I’d usually post it individually and update the crawler above, but because I’m trying to move fast, here’s a handy link instead.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in even when I’m not entirely present.


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