App Review: Nightshift

Who doesn’t love star gazing? (I guess if you’re living in perpetually-foggy San Francisco, you’re scowling at me right now. But alas.)

I brought Nightshift: Stargazing and Astronomy for Android into the All About Android arena a few weeks ago. The app won me the arena, and I think it’s because there’s legitimate utility here. Whether you have a telescope or you’re looking up, it’s nice to have some context about precisely what it is you’re staring at. We’re not all NASA scientists, but with a little concentration, we can easily pick out Mars, Venus, and a few orbiting moons with merely the naked eye.

Try out Nightshift for Android if you’re interested. It’s free, nicely designed, and offers plenty of information on what’s out there, hovering above us. Or is it us, hovering in its midst?