App Review: Plant Jammer

I have no idea how to cook, nor do I have the patience to try to learn things and write down recipes. I want to tell you what I have in my fridge, and for you to instruct me on what’s possible with those particular ingredients. Thank God for the apps that do this.

Plant Jammer is an app I found in the Play Store that helps in precisely this manner. It’s free, which is fantastic, and though it’s slightly localized for its Denmark/Copenhagen users, I still found plenty of utility out of it. I learned how to make some basic stir fry, stews, and salads from common ingredients in my kitchen.

This app ended up winning me the arena on All About Android. And I had a lovely Twitter exchange with the developer, who noted my needs as not to be so region-specific. I love it when the podcast helps me meet app developers around the globe.