Recently, I was a guest on a few podcasts

Thanks to everyone who has been tuning into Honestly Tech the last few weeks. I’m still working out the kinks on editing the show, as I’m learning to use Adobe Audition as I go. A younger me would have been enthralled by the idea of diving into a new kind of software because it would have given me something to do. But the older, pregnant me is feeling like she wishes she had a little more brain capacity to scan how-to articles and YouTube videos and understand what the hell it is she’s doing. The trope of the young brain versus the old is indeed on the mark, kids.

I made appearances on a couple of podcasts the past few weeks. Here’s a rundown.

Android Police

David Ruddock and I talked about how laptop histories after running down the latest Microsoft announcements that intersect with us Android-loving folks. I always have a great time chatting with David and the Android Police crew. This is an informative episode about what’s happening with Microsoft’s laptop and mobile gadget strategy going forward.

Listen here

Mobile Tech Podcast

Myriam Jorie’s show started as a jovial talk about the latest in smartphone tech. Then it turned into a serious discussion about the bullshit we have to endure in an industry still populated by men like Andy Rubin. I didn’t hold back on this one. I shouldn’t have to. Thanks again to Myriam for having me on her podcast.

Listen here

This Week in Tech

I got a lot of feedback on this one, both constructive and regressive. I’m embedding it here for anyone interested in some of the photos I snapped with the Pixel 4’s new telephoto zoom lens. I’m still waiting for it to impress me.

Watch here

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