The Best New Accessibility Features in Android 10

Image by me and Moose Photos via Pexels

I was not satisfied with the coverage around Android 10’s accessibility features. Everything I read about the new features left it at that—there were new features, and they were coming soon. Oh. Okay. That doesn’t help the people who rely on those new mechanisms to get around the Android operating system. It doesn’t inform them of how to use what’s new or how to enable it.

I pitched the story to Lifehacker because I wanted to put out a concrete listicle of the new features and what’s due for an update on the horizon. I had a talk with Google to learn about when updates for oft-used features like Talkback are coming down the pipeline. And I waited until I received my Pixel 4 review unit so that I could play around with Live Caption, which is all anyone has been talking about since it was announced at Google’s developer’s conference earlier this year.

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