Flagship Smartphone Smackdown: How Does Google’s Pixel 4 Stack Up?

Figuring out which smartphone to buy this holiday season? I broke it all down for you at Lifehacker.

Launched last month, Google’s Pixel 4 came packed with a ton of new features, like face unlock, a rear-facing telephoto lens, and the ability to take astrophotography. Are these enough to put the Pixel on the top of your shopping list when Black Friday arrives in a few weeks? Let’s take a quick look at how the Pixel 4 stacks up against the hottest devices from Samsung, Apple, and everyone else.

I compare the Google Pixel 4 to the latest iPhone and Samsung devices. There’s some mention of OnePlus in there, too, and I suggest that if battery life is what you’re really after, get yourself a Moto G7 Power. It has a massive battery pack!!! Never complain about battery life again! (Instead, you’ll complain about other things.)

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