Android App Review: Twobird

I miss Google’s Inbox. It was one of the apps that Google sunsetted in 2019. Some of the features got bundled into Gmail. Still, anyone who uses the service to manage professional email knows it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison of what Inbox once was.

I found Twobird on a whim in the Google Play Store. It prioritizes messages that are important and shelves those that are low priority. I like that it works with my Samsung smartwatch and lets you snooze an email until you’re ready to deal with it. You can create notes and set reminders as needed. There’s also a web-based client available so that I can transition between my Android smartphone, Windows PC, and Chromebook with relative ease.

The app is free and very much in the beta stage, but it’s helping me get the job done. I’m still using it months after bringing it to the App Arena on All About Android.


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