The Exclusionary Language of Pregnancy Apps

Last year, around the time that I was moving houses, and my life became complete chaos, I started writing for Medium’s OneZero vertical. I hope to write more stories for the outlet this year. It’s the kind of place where I can dive into research without the confines of specific content needs. And it’s helping me practice a style of writing I haven’t pursued in a long time.

In October, I wrote about my pregnancy, and what I’d discovered was a world run by absolute exclusion. My article is called The Exclusionary Language of Pregnancy Apps. An excerpt:

I recently crossed the threshold into my second trimester. My partner and I decided we would find out the sex of the baby so that we can prepare ourselves to help them navigate the roles society will inevitably assign to them. But we don’t plan on telling anyone the sex until the baby is here, and we’re finding it’s a delicate stance to take in this heteronormative, binary world.

Since this is my first child, I did what any extremely online person does when they’re in search of information and community: I went looking for an app. Despite the breadth of offerings available for iPhone and Android, it’s slim pickings out there for a mother to be. The Google Play Store, in particular, is rife with pregnancy tracking and parenting advice apps, but I found the content of each almost suffocating with rhetoric around binary gender.

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