How to Sell Your Smart Home

I disappeared over the last few months to deal with selling my house and getting us moved into a new one. I learned a ton about the process in a relatively short amount of time. My realtor walked us through every step and even knew how to answer some of the questions I had about my “connected” home. She was the inspiration behind my pitching the article on How to Sell Your Smart Home.

Are you selling your place? You might consider keeping some of your smart devices installed while showing off your property. Investing in this technology for the first time won’t add value to your home like other construction projects. But it can help speed up the sale of a home. Before you put your smart house on the market, consider making a few adjustments to the devices that remain active. Here are some tips on staging your smart home and how to set it up so that it doesn’t creep out folks during an open house. We’ll also walk you through how to ensure that the accounts tied to the smart devices you’re taking with you stay with you when you move out.

There’s a good bit of info in there whether you’re selling or renting out your place. Take a gander over at Tom’s Guide.

Lead image from Shutterstock via Tom’s Guide

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