Ask Flo

Are you looking for advice on your next gadget purchase? Maybe you’re wondering if your smartphone has reached the end of life? Or perhaps you’re in search of an app that can do a thing you’ve been trying to do?

I can help. I’m a seasoned techie, and I’ve been professionally assisting people in navigating the technology landscape for over a decade. You can use the form below to send me a question you have about anything regarding the computers you use or the phone in your hand. And if I don’t know the answer to what you’re looking for, I’ll ask around my many tech-obsessed pals.

Please do not use this contact form to pitch me. If you need to speak to me on a business matter or about appearing on your podcast, email me separately with an appropriate subject line.

Here are some examples of help I’ve offered in the past:

For those in my Discord, I have designated a room called tech-help, where you can leave your question. The benefit here is that there’s a lively community to help you out. There’s also Twitter, where you can leave me a question with the hashtag #askflo, and I’ll see it pop up in its own TweetDeck column.