Ask Flo: Alternatives to Google Play Music

With the demise of Google Play Music on the horizon, some of you have written in asking for help finding either a replacement app for the music streaming service or something that can playback your already carefully-curated music library. (To which I say: good for you because I’ve nothing in the way of a “physical” […]

Review: LG V60 ThinQ 5G

Double the screen, double the fun Available at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon TL;DR The LG V60 ThinQ 5G is for folks who want a Samsung-capable smartphone without spending over $1000. Tip Spend the extra $150 on the extra screen. You might barely use it, but it doubles as a little stand, and it’s nice for […]

Ask Flo: Apps for Tracking Labor Contractions

I’ve received plenty of pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and birth-related questions in my inbox lately. Having just gone through the experience myself, I’ve emerged with a better understanding of the ways that technology and mobile apps can help pregnant persons on the journey into parenthood. I’ll start by tackling a question about contraction apps. I did not […]

Ask Flo Returns to Flo Feed

While revamping Flo Feed, I decided it was also time to bring back the ability to send in for tech help. Many of you send in emails asking about what to buy and which Android apps to download. It means so much that you look to me for aid and guidance in your gadget life, […]

How Flo Works

Working from home is an incredible privilege. I’m super grateful to have the option to simply commute downstairs rather than two hours each way as my husband does a few times a week (bless him and the things he does to provide for our family). With the onset of coronavirus and the mandate to work […]

I had a baby!

Oh hey! It’s been a while. I was gearing up to close up the freelance shop before putting on my out-of-office message, but then the baby came a week early. I was filing work up until that point, even writing emails after receiving my epidural. But then one of my editors responded that I should […]