Recent work

Because I’m a freelance journalist, where I’m published varies. Rather than post individually about each article I’ve written or podcast I’ve appeared on, I’ll update this page from time to time with some of my most recent work.


How to Shop for a Smart Home Security Camera
Lifehacker, February 2020

Which Baby Gear Should You Rent Instead of Buy?
Lifehacker, January 2020

I wore the Galaxy Watch Active during my pregnancy, and now I’m a believer
Tom’s Guide, February 2020


Best DIY home security systems in 2020
Tom’s Guide, April 2020

The best electric scooters in 2020
Tom’s Guide, March 2020

The best strollers of 2020
Tom’s Guide, February 2020

Best car seats 2020: Safe car seats for babies and infants
Tom’s Guide, January 2020


Florence Ion shares her favorite Android Tools, love for TwoBirds, and how she manages her day
Tools They Use, January 2020


Oppo Find X2 Pro First Look
TWiT, April 2020

TWiT AMA with Flo, Rene, Stacey, and Paul
TWiT, April 2020