Pixel Slate or the Microsoft Surface: Does one replace the other?

For those of you who don’t mind sitting through a bit of video, we answered this question on The New Screen Savers last Saturday.

Given how much you like your Pixelbook I was surprised to see you skeptical of the Slate. I’m trying to decide between upgrading my Pixelbook to a Surface or a Slate. Is there a circumstance where you would choose the Slate over the Surface?

Is the Pixel Slate a Microsoft Surface-type convertible? Not yet. Not without a little more software tweaking and added abilities, like a better file directory and the ability to emulate apps that exist on other platforms. In fact, we should probably all start referring to it as an iPad competitor, since that seems to be the market that every configuration of this device—from the $600 tier to the $1600 tier—is going after, anyway.

For the answer to the above question, skip below to 1:18:00.