One time, I had my picture in the New York Times.

I’m Florence Ion, a freelance journalist focused on consumer technology and giving the best buying advice. I write about Android, Google, the smart home, Chromebooks, DIY security systems, PCs, PC gaming, virtual reality, and so much more. I’ve also started covering kid’s tech and parenting gear, including car seats, strollers, and smart baby tech.

Before I went freelance, I worked as a staff writer and editor for a variety of print and online publications, including MacLife, Maximum PC, Ars TechnicaPCWorld, and Android Central. I’ve also written for TechHive, Macworld, iMore, Engadget, and The Verge. You can find my most current work at Lifehacker, Tom’s Guide, Reviewed, Android Police, and Medium’s OneZero.


In addition to writing, I spend half of my working time recording and producing podcasts. I host All About Android, which streams live every Tuesday night on the TWiT network. I’m the other half of the Material podcast on the Relay FM network. And I have a new podcast in the works called Honestly Tech, where I talk to my guests about using gadgets and gear without all the jargon.

I’ve guested on other podcasts, too, including Clockwise and Tools They Use. One of my favorite appearances was on The Blaze with Lizzie and Kat, a Beverly Hills, 90210 recap podcast.

In 2018, I took my first stab at producing a season of a show on the TWiT Network. The show was called Know How and our particular season was focused on smart home gadgets. Above, you’ll see one of the episodes where we covered digital assistants.


I have extensive on-camera training as both a host and a producer. I can write scripts and put together segments for hardware reviews and tech how-tos. In a pinch, I can shoot b-roll, record a voiceover, and put together a “walkthrough” video. I also spent years roaming the show floors of conferences like CES, Mobile World Congress, and IFA to make engaging and informative content. Check out my reel for samples of some of the videos I’ve done over the years.

Above is one of my favorite segments that I helped write and produce back in 2015. We went around San Francisco, testing Samsung Pay’s MST technology against Android Pay’s NFC chip for contactless payments.


Thanks in part to my video training and my experience podcasting, I’ve been asked several times to moderate panel discussions and host one-on-one interviews. My first gig was at DroidCon 2015 in New York City, where I moderated a panel of bloggers, journalists, and YouTubers to talk about Android hardware. My last gig was at Google I/O 2019, where I interviewed Google’s Senior Vice President of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, for a Fireside Chat.


Throughout the years, I’ve attempted to foster an online community in an attempt to create a safe space for Android-lovers. If you’re interested in being a part of it, join my Discord, where we chat about Android, Google, TV shows, games, and anything else on our minds. I’m also on Twitter for folks who are still braving the daily storms brought on by the microblogging platform. Occasionally, I will stream on Twitch.

What’s this site about?

Flo Feed is my blog. I write about the things I experience and the gadgets I’m reviewing for other sites, and I post links to my articles from time to time to point you somewhere that might be of help. This is also where I publish new episodes of my podcast. Sometimes, I answer your questions as you send them to my inbox.

Can we work together?

I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m available for writing, podcasting, event coverage, and on-camera hosting. Please email me if you’re interested in collaborating.