5 Things to Know About the LG G8 ThinQ

Even if you’re an Android user, you might not know that there are a ton of manufacturers making decent smartphones, besides Google and Samsung. LG’s been a long time player in the game. Their phone launches used to elicit the same kind of fanfare as the aforementioned Big Two, though they’ve been a bit quieter with their latest releases. But we’re not here to talk inside baseball—there are other sites that do that! We’re here to talk about what I liked about this phone and what I didn’t.

If you want the full rundown, you can check out my segment about the device on episode 415 of All About Android. If you don’t have time for that, scroll through this handy listicle instead.

What is it?

The LG G8’s fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

The LG G8 ThinQ is a high-end Android smartphone. It comes in three colors, including a seriously stunning crimson red. It has all the bells and whistles that the new Samsung phone does, like a stunning display and a wide-angle camera, though it’s not as wide as the one on the Galaxy S10. It also has a nice-size battery, can take a dunk in a pool, and is equipped with a headphone jack, which, in recent years, have become harder to come by.

What kind of photos does it take?

Nice ones. The point-and-shoot shots come out pretty nicely in the day time, and it’s pretty capable at night, too. Sometimes the end result is a little sharp, however, and the G8 has a tendency to overprocess a photo, which is what contributes to unfortunate elements like a blown-out sky.

The LG G8 has a pretty nice front-facing camera, too, and I especially love the Spotlight feature, which sort of acts like a virtual studio photographer that can light up your face in all the right ways. I thought it made me look good even without any makeup on, quite frankly!

What does it do the best?

This thing is delicious to look at in person.

The LG G8 is remarkably pretty. You will also like the true-to-life colors of its OLED display, though the screen gets so dark it’s hard to see during the day. It’s good for night owls, though, who stare at their phones while the rest of us are sleeping.

What is it not so good at?

The front-facing camera is good. The portrait mode is not.

The G8 is not very good at portrait mode—it’s nothing like what the Pixel 3 camera can produce. Also, some of the features that LG is relying on for marketing with the G8, like its vein-scanning Hand ID, are pretty gimmicky.

Should I buy it?

Seriously, it’s a stunner.

The LG G8 is a darn good phone, but there’s nothing it really excels at. At an unlocked price of $820, you’ll be weighing the option against the Samsung Galaxy S10e or the Pixel 3. Only consider it if your carrier is offering it at a discount.