Stuff I bought in quarantine

Those of us who aren’t willing to brave the outdoor restaurants and socially distant theme parks are staying put at home, ordering stuff from the internet to calm our nerves and make us feel a sense of normalcy. (I am describing myself because that is all I know now that I’ve spent nearly six months at home with my immediate family.)

Anyway, I put together a quick little list of some of the helpful things I’ve purchased in the past few months. I thought I would pass down the suggestions, though I’m also hoping you’ll help me out a bit and click through to use my affiliate link. That’s how we pay the bills in this day and age.

Disclosure: I am a part of Amazon’s affiliate program because it helps me collect dollars to spend on the gear and gadgets I need for what I do (it also helps me pay for coffee. So much coffee.). You don’t have to buy through them if you don’t feel comfortable using my affiliate link. But if someone asks where you got something, and I suggested it, please do me the courtesy of pointing them to my work.

📱 Phone Stands

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I am concurrently testing/using a ton of phones, and they’re all so pretty (finally) that I wanted to show them off. So I bought some phone stands. These expand and contract into a pocketable little helper if you need that sort of thing. I might buy more so I can get some hot pink versions and use them for aesthetic purposes.

🐭 Giant Mousepad

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I needed something to match the all-black mechanical keyboards I’ve been testing. This particular mousepad was Amazon’s Choice, so I went with it. It’s now the protector for my Magic Girl desk mat, which I may have spilled water on a few too many times.

🌙 3-Color Sailor Moon Frixion Pen

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At the very beginning of quarantine, I was sad (and severely post-partum). To make myself happy, I bought this Sailor Moon Frixion pen by Sun-Star Stationary. I’ve since swapped the black, red, and blue inks for purple, pink, and green. The ink is erasable. I love this pen so much.

🤳 Selfie Ring Light

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I wanted to get some better lighting for my webcam, so I bought this. I didn’t need the phone mount, and frankly, it’s too weak to carry my OnePlus 8 without sliding off where it’s clamped. But it’s a solid selfie light. It has three color modes and a brightness switch. I also use it as a desk lamp when I’m working late.

💅 Manicure Bowl

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The government refused to cancel rent during a global pandemic, resulting in my nail tech of so-many-years shutting down her salon. So I bought this to soften my nail beds and do my manicures at home. I’m not great at it, but I do what I can to take care of my claws. I hope I can find someone who as kind and caring as her to do my nails when this is all over. (She told me she’s quitting the nail business and trying her hand at something else. God speed to her.)


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