More stuff I bought in quarantine

I went for a long walk today with the baby and climbed a big hill, and as much as I want to sit down and chip away at my to-do list, all my brain can do is thumb through the list of things I’ve spent money on since the coronavirus reared its ugly head. (It’s a hideous head.)

Disclosure: I am a part of Amazon’s affiliate program because it helps me collect dollars to spend on the gear and gadgets I need for what I do (it also helps me pay for coffee. So much coffee.). You don’t have to buy through them if you don’t feel comfortable using my affiliate link. But if someone asks where you got something, and I suggested it, please do me the courtesy of pointing them to my work.

🌵 USB Cool Mist Humidifier

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This is a little USB-connected cactus-shaped humidifier that helps when the air conditioning dries out my eyes. Or the smoke from wildfire season dries out my nostrils. I keep it on my desk, and it’s misty enough it hits my face without spilling all over my computer stuff.

💆 COSRX Acne Patches

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Mask-ne is real, and it’s been especially awful because I’m also dealing with postpartum hormones wreaking havoc over my body. Every time I wear a mask, I break out the day afterward even if I’ve meticulously cleaned my face the night before. These pimple patches from COSRX have been a lifesaver. You stick them on any time of day, and they do all the work of sucking out the gunky stuff and making it easier for your pimple to dissipate. You will need to do some manual extraction after you take off the patch, however. Not for the faint of heart.

👡 Melissa Black Sandals

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I call these my official “mom sandals” because they are so plain. So basic. So perfectly utilitarian. They also smell like candy, which is a thing I love about all Melissa shoes. These are my third pair. They’re super comfortable, and I never had to break them in. They fit a bit loose, though, so they’re not for wearing all day or walking long hours around the city.

🔌 Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

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I needed to connect a bunch of not smart lights, and this was the perfect solution. The Kasa app is user friendly and syncs up with the Google Assistant so you can command it with your voice or whatever. I have a ton of these smart plugs around my house already, and I like what TP-Link offers.

🖋 JetPens

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I can’t stop shopping here. They’re based in the Bay Area, which is fantastic for me because I get my orders only a day or two after. They have everything you could need to add to your stationery repertoire. I’ve been buying Tombow brush pens by the color, Pilot Frixion refills, and several watercolors for decorating the front of birthday cards.


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