April showers bring May flowers

Photo by Matty Cooper from Pexels

This is my first stab at what freelancers call (I’m assuming) the “monthly update.” Every four to five weeks, I’ll put together a post like this one with links to what I’ve been working on and what’s been published. Think of it as a newsletter, except that I’m posting it here for you to peruse at your leisure instead of delivering it straight to your inbox (maybe someday).

April’s readings

April was a jam-packed month, though I didn’t publish very much. I’ve been finishing up a months-long project for another client, so I spent most of the time in my little smart home lab toiling with do-it-yourself security systems and their accessories. I’ll be sure to follow up with those stories once they post, along with my findings.

Here’s what did publish:

Coming up

I’m headed off to Google I/O in Mountain View next week. I’ll be attending on behalf of TWiT for All About Android. We’ll be recording our show the day after the keynote at Google I/O. I’ve got some stories planned for the developer’s conference, too, and I’ll be sure to update when they’ve posted to their respective publications.

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