Flo covers Google I/O 2018

I was going to write this long, winding diatribe about my time at Google’s developer’s conference last week and what I learned after several hours of sessions and demonstrations. But every time I sit down to write about it, I start to feel really tired.

Needless to say, I’m still recovering. I think a few pictures and links to where you can find my coverage on the web should suffice as I recuperate from the biggest conference of the year for Google fans.

Ahh, yes. The Google Duplex demonstration. We talked about it on every single podcast that I recorded during the week. I’m still processing bearing witness to this experience.



A few new Google Assistant smart speakers are now available, as a sort of precursor as we wait for Smart Displays to hit this summer.

I wrote two pieces during the conference: one small one detailing the new consumer-facing features of the Google Home for Reviewed, and a longer piece on the ethos of Material Theming for Engadget.

I also made a whole host of podcast appearances throughout the week. Here’s where to find them:

  • All About Android: In this special episode, we eschewed the usual weekly show for an hour-long conversation with Google’s Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson and Allen Huang. TWiG’s Jeff Jarvis also joined in on the fun
  • Download: Jason Snell invited Mikah Sargent and me to talk about all the major announcements that occurred at Google I/O, though we chatted about Microsoft Build and a few other tech things, too
  • Material: Our co-host, Russell Ivanovic, was on one last time before heading out on a bit of a hiatus to discuss all that we’d saw at Google I/O. (Andy and I will be holding down the fort for a while from here on out)
  • TWiT: Leo Laporte had me on his end-of-the-week recap show for an invigorating conversation. The panel included journalist Harry McCracken and analyst Sam Abuelsamid.
  • The Parallel: [Episode publishing soon] Shelly Brisbin invited Blind Bargains’ J.J. Meddaugh and me to chat all about Google I/O, including some of the company’s new accessibility features


April showers bring Google I/O flowers


Taken with the Lenovo Mirage Camera, which produces 180-degree media for viewing in virtual reality (or flat like this). 


Hello, friends!

This is my first stab at what freelancers call (I’m assuming) the “monthly update.” Every four to five weeks, I’ll put together a post like this one with links to what I’ve been working on and what’s been published. Think of it as a newsletter, except that I’m posting it here for you to peruse at your leisure instead of delivering it straight to your inbox (maybe someday).

April’s readings

April was a jam-packed month, though I didn’t publish very much. I’ve been finishing up a months-long project for another client, so I spent most of the time in my little smart home lab toiling with do-it-yourself security systems and their accessories. I’ll be sure to follow up with those stories once they post, along with my findings.

Here’s what did publish:

Coming up

I’m headed off to Google I/O in Mountain View next week. I’ll be attending on behalf of TWiT for All About Android. We’ll be recording our show the day after the keynote at Google I/O. I’ve got some stories planned for the developer’s conference, too, and I’ll be sure to update when they’ve posted to their respective publications.

If you want to stay privy to what’s going on while I’m at the developer’s conference, be sure to follow me on Instagram and on Twitter.


What are you doing, Flo?

It’s ridiculous that it took me this long to launch my own blog, but here it is, in all of its unedited, I-merely-ran-it-through-Grammarly glory. My intentions for this blog are to publish my weird musings and to provide you with a look a what I’m doing at my desk every day. It turns out that posting links to my work on Twitter when everyone else is waxing poetic about Zuckerberg isn’t the best way to promote myself. But that’s how we’re learning, folks! This freelance game is a learning one and I am here for the journey. Please join me! I promise it’ll be entertaining, at the very least.

Overall, my goal in life is to be more creative—to pursue the stories that keep me up at night, to keep putting together buying guides for people who need help navigating the aisles at Best Buy, and to find out the truth behind all those fancy marketing slogans. Most importantly, I want to continue to empower people to make their own tech-buying decisions. To that end, if you need help choosing your next Android smartphone or internet-connected thing, there’s a contact form you can fill out that will deliver your query right to my inbox. I can’t always reply to every email I get, but I will try my best. You might even see your answer show up in a blog post! (If you have an Android-specific question, I suggest sending it to All About Android, where my co-hosts can also help. Three minds are always better than one!)

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