What’s the point of the Google Home Hub?

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for me to type out an extremely awkward account of things I’ve been working on lately. If you’re a Google user, and you’ve been paying attention (there’s so much else going on in the world right now, I wouldn’t fault you for not being entirely in the know about what’s new in Gadget Land), you may have heard that Google officially launched the Home Hub smart display on its online store and in various brick and mortars.

Though I’m currently grappling with the reality of living with all these microphones listening in for my command (really, they listen to my husband and I nip at each other), I’ve also been enjoying the subtle memory bomb that is the Google Home Hub. I set up the Live Albums feature so that it is constantly updating with pictures of my cat and it’s been a delight in the midst of this real hellscape we’re currently living in.

If you’re curious to read more about the abilities of the Google Home Hub, and whether you might drop $150 on it, I wrote about my favorite feature of the device for Reviewed. And if something listening-in is too much for you, you might appreciate that at least it’s not watching you?

The only component the Google Home Hub doesn’t have is a camera. So if you don’t like the idea of a smart device that can potentially spy on you, the Home Hub might be a great option. But that could be a deterrent for folks looking to buy this device as a way to keep in touch with family on the opposite side of the country.

You may have also noticed that this site has undergone a few aesthetic changes in the past week or so—I’m working dutifully on learning the ways of WordPress to tame the wild beast. I’m also going through some of the many questions you have all have sent me over the past few months and will be posting answers to them in the coming weeks. Please keep them coming if you have any questions.