Pixel Slate is a tablet device with laptop tendencies

Although I haven’t used the device myself, the consensus across the web seems to be that the Pixel Slate is a tablet device first and a full-fledged laptop replacement last—dead last, and that’s if you’re willing to drop more than a thousand dollars on one. I know, that an Intel Core i7 processor paired with sleek glass sounds enticing in this day and age of who-wants-to-carry-anything-around-anymore, but even with able hardware, there are things about Chrome OS that still don’t cut it.

If you want to know more about the Pixel Slate, we had a segment this week on All About Android where Android Central’s Russell Holly discussed his time spent with the Pixel Slate. It’s about one hour in:

Also, don’t forget to check out my piece over at Android Police from earlier this month. I wrote about what Chrome OS needs to be a better desktop operating system. Here’s a snippet:

With the Pixel Slate running Chrome OS launching soon and poised to compete against the Microsoft Surface Pro and other related hardware, it’s a wonder if it can replace the full-throttle laptops that working professionals and creatives have long relied on. At a base price of $600, the Pixel Slate doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. It’s the higher-end models—the devices equipped with Core i7 processors and 16GB of RAM—that make me wonder if a Chromebook is worth upwards of $1600 because it still can’t do everything else a Mac and PC can.