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I’m shutting down Ask Flo here at the website, but you can still join us in the Discord if you’re looking for tech help from friendly folks! To commemorate the time I tried keeping it viable, here are some of the questions you sent me and some possible answers! Thank you again for taking the time to send in a question, and a major thank you to anyone who waited for me to respond before going forward. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Sincerely.

Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards

I was wondering if you knew of any way to get an ergonomic keyboard that is also backlit? My search of the interwebz has been largely fruitless. I’ve seen the Adesso True Form, but the reviews are bad (like you can’t type on it bad). I’ve also seen the X-Bows, but the price seems steep (perhaps it’s not really), and the layout is funky. I’d appreciate any thoughts you have in this area.

You should check out ErgoDox. I’ve gathered that this is a favorite customizable keyboard among the mechanical keyboard community, and I want one myself! It is expensive, though. Perhaps it’s time to think of the backlit ergonomic keyboard you’re wanting as an investment and approaching it as such. Though admittedly, none of the mechanical keyboards I use now are “investments.” They just make me happy.

New Phone for Under $400

So I have a ZTE Axon 7 I have been using since 2016. I have a custom OS on it, so I am current on security updates and Android 9. I am tempted to upgrade the phone, but I don’t see one that compares to the hardware in this and value. I got it for about $350 unlocked. If I got a new phone, I’d like WiFi 6 and 5G. What are your thoughts?

Definitely consider getting a Pixel 4a 5G, which is as of yet unreleased but has been relentlessly leaked. Also, Google lets you sign up for a ping when it’s available for sale. Google will take care of you on software and security updates for the next three years, and you’ll have access to one of the best smartphone cameras available.

Tablet With USB-C

I am in the market for getting a new tablet for primarily reading e-books. I see a couple of options for 8″ tablets that are inexpensive, but they all seem to use micro-USB, a standard I am trying to stop using to simplify my charging life. Are there any decent tablets for $300 or under that use USB-C? I am with a different sized screen, but the ones under 8.5″ are the nicest for holding for long periods. As an additional note, since I don’t use kindle for my books, I need to have access to the Play Store. The main app I need access to is BookWalker.

Samsung and Lenovo are about the only manufacturers of decent entry-level and mid-range tablets I can suggest right now. Unfortunately, the two don’t seem to use USB Type-C on its more economical models. If you can stomach the price tag, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite sounds like a great choice for what you want a tablet to do. It’s a bit bigger than what you wanted, though.

Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

I’m looking for a new fitness tracker. My hands are tiny…I buy gloves in the children’s department, and I don’t want the watch to look ridiculous on me. I would like it to be able to track aerobic workouts and connect to my fitness app (Lose It!), if possible. Am I too picky, or is there a good option I haven’t found yet? I have a Pixel 3 phone.

I’m a big fan of the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Watch Active because of how it fits on my wrist. I haven’t bothered buying the next generation up because I didn’t care too much for the spinning bezel. The Fitbit Versa 3 is incredibly popular and back when I could leave the house I’d see people all over wearing it on their wrists. (Fitbit also makes this slim fitness band.) Folks love Garmin and Polar’s watches for fitness tracking, but aesthetically they may not match what you’re putting out.

Good luck! I know how hard this is.


I love your webcam quality on AAA! What make and model do you use for that show?

I have two webcams! On my headshot, I use the older Logitech C920. For my “product” camera, I use the Logitech C922 Pro. Both are highly lauded by tech journalists and Twitch streamers alike.


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