How I learned to love building a mechanical keyboard

⌨ CandyBar Premium Round 2 in Pop Rocks 🌙 DSA Astrolokeys  🍊 C³Equalz X TKC Tangerine Switches  ⬜️ Everglide Stabilizer Set If you’ve ever wondered if the mechanical keyboard hobby is worth the heartache, I’m here to tell you that it’s like any other tech-tinkering thing you pour your heart and soul into over the […]

Review: Chromecast with Google TV

I reviewed the new Chromecast with Google TV for my weekly gig on All About Android (embedded video further down). My unit came in white, or “Snow”, but it’s also available in Sky—a cozy light blue—or Sunrise, a flush blush pink. Some might wonder why you want something that’s color-coordinated if it’s installed on the […]

Thank you for supporting the idea of Ask Flo

I tried. I really tried. A ton of you sent in questions time after time, and they were exceptionally great questions. But I just don’t have the time to write Ask Flo. I wanted to create a website that has content that coincides with the other work I’m doing. Where you could come and feel […]

Rapid Fire Tech Help

I’m shutting down Ask Flo here at the website, but you can still join us in the Discord if you’re looking for tech help from friendly folks! To commemorate the time I tried keeping it viable, here are some of the questions you sent me and some possible answers! Thank you again for taking the […]

More stuff I bought in quarantine

I went for a long walk today with the baby and climbed a big hill, and as much as I want to sit down and chip away at my to-do list, all my brain can do is thumb through the list of things I’ve spent money on since the coronavirus reared its ugly head. (It’s […]

Stuff I bought in quarantine

Those of us who aren’t willing to brave the outdoor restaurants and socially distant theme parks are staying put at home, ordering stuff from the internet to calm our nerves and make us feel a sense of normalcy. (I am describing myself because that is all I know now that I’ve spent nearly six months […]