Ask Flo Returns to Flo Feed

While revamping Flo Feed, I decided it was also time to bring back the ability to send in for tech help. Many of you send in emails asking about what to buy and which Android apps to download. It means so much that you look to me for aid and guidance in your gadget life, […]

Ask Flo: Best WiFi Extenders

Happy New Year! It’s been a while. My personal life has been especially busy. I moved houses in November, then hosted the holidays for my family to help christen the new place. I’m also nine months pregnant, and lately, that’s the only thing on my mind aside from the last bits of work I owe […]

How to make calls with the same number through Alexa and the Google Assistant

Thank you, dear reader, for reminding me that the Google Home devices make phone calls. I constantly forget that they can do that! And as a result, I don’t have much experiencing with this myself, except for the hour of Googling I did to try and answer your question. I hope this helps anyone out […]

Pixel Slate or the Microsoft Surface: Does one replace the other?

For those of you who don’t mind sitting through a bit of video, we answered this question on The New Screen Savers last Saturday. Is the Pixel Slate a Microsoft Surface-type convertible? Not yet. Not without a little more software tweaking and added abilities, like a better file directory and the ability to emulate apps […]

Does the Google Clips work as a home security camera?

Holiday shopping is in full swing, meaning lots of price slashes and deals. Some of you are wondering if the Google Clips is worth its recently marked-down $125 price tag. In my own experience, this is the best memento camera you’ll ever get, and it makes a thoughtful gift for people with large families. However, […]

What’s the point of the Google Home Hub?

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for me to type out an extremely awkward account of things I’ve been working on lately. If you’re a Google user, and you’ve been paying attention (there’s so much else going on in the world right now, I wouldn’t fault you for not being entirely¬†in the know about what’s […]