Ask Flo Returns to Flo Feed

While revamping Flo Feed, I decided it was also time to bring back the ability to send in for tech help. Many of you send in emails asking about what to buy and which Android apps to download. It means so much that you look to me for aid and guidance in your gadget life, […]

How Flo Works

Working from home is an incredible privilege. I’m super grateful to have the option to simply commute downstairs rather than two hours each way as my husband does a few times a week (bless him and the things he does to provide for our family). With the onset of coronavirus and the mandate to work […]

I had a baby!

Oh hey! It’s been a while. I was gearing up to close up the freelance shop before putting on my out-of-office message, but then the baby came a week early. I was filing work up until that point, even writing emails after receiving my epidural. But then one of my editors responded that I should […]

Ask Flo: Best WiFi Extenders

Happy New Year! It’s been a while. My personal life has been especially busy. I moved houses in November, then hosted the holidays for my family to help christen the new place. I’m also nine months pregnant, and lately, that’s the only thing on my mind aside from the last bits of work I owe […]

iPad Art with Megan Hansen

Megan Hansen is a prolific illustrator. She runs an online shop called Water and Well and does most of her illustrations with an Apple iPad and Apple Pencil. We talk about what inspired her to go digital, what she likes about it compared to physical mediums, and how she’s managed to build an online business […]

Apple Watch with Caitlin McGarry

Caitlin McGarry from Tom’s Guide joins us for Honestly Tech’s pilot episode to discuss the new Apple Watch Series 5, why it’s worth the money (or not!), and how it compares to the rest of the smartwatches and fitness watches on the market. We’ll also talk about the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 and the Fitbit […]