Why I use Clipboard Manager Pro to save text scraps

Clipboard Manager Pro
Clipboard Manager Pro
Developer: devdnua
Price: $1.99

I’m not a fan of all those cloud-based note-taking, article-clipping, link-sharing apps. I like something simplistic and fast, and I seemed to have found that in Clipboard Manager Pro. The app is $1.99 (support your developers), and it does everything I want Google Keep, Pocket, and Evernote to do without all the bloat. Best of all, you can easily add a link to your notebook by merely highlighting and copying the text you want to save.

Everything I want without all the bloat

Clipboard Manager Pro is pretty robust. You can store unlimited notes to your clipboard either through the copy and paste mechanism or via Android’s traditional share menu. The app lets you search, import external files as you need them, and even offers periodic auto clean configurable through the settings menu. There’s also a built-in keyboard widget that I found helpful to use as I’m multitasking between screens.

What I like

Clipboard Manager Pro comes bundled with a feature called Smart Actions, available in the menu when you highlight. It adds a bunch of extra utilities to the share menu, including the ability to add a new note, share directly to Google Translate, and share to other apps. The options vary depending on the content you have highlighted.

What I don’t like

I’m running the Android Q beta, and this app isn’t optimized for it yet, so I can’t use Clipboard Manager Pro’s marquee feature. Though I can get the same functionality through the sharing menu, I’m looking forward to this app getting an update.

iPhone equivalent

I don’t have an iPhone for reference, but here’s an app that people liked, had an ample amount of ratings, and has received an update in the last year.

Developer: Nikolay Dimitrov
Price: Free

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