A Quick Recap of the Relay FM 5th Anniversary Show

Last Thursday was Relay FM’s live 5th anniversary show. We played Family Feud with other hosts from the network for an audience of over 300 loyal listeners from all over the country. My team, the Positive Chargers, won! I laughed so much. I had fun conspiring with Alex Cox, David Sparks, and Quinn Rose. It was such a wonderful time, even though I flubbed through some of the answers. You can listen to the full show through the Connected feed.

Our team, the Positive Chargers.
Your gracious winners.

I’m on my second year with the network after filling in the seat for my good friend, Yasmine Evjen. Podcasting with Andy Ihnatko has been a hell of an experience, and I’m genuinely proud of the work we do every week.

As part of the anniversary show, we announced that Relay FM is an official podcasting partner of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. We’re running a month-long fundraiser to coincide with National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, along with a marathon live stream on Twitch set for September 20. If you’re interested in contributing and can help us make our goal, please do. Any little bit helps.

Thanks to everyone for your support of the Material podcast these last two years. Podcasting has become such a significant part of my work, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.


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