Thank you for supporting the idea of Ask Flo

I tried. I really tried. A ton of you sent in questions time after time, and they were exceptionally great questions. But I just don’t have the time to write Ask Flo.

I wanted to create a website that has content that coincides with the other work I’m doing. Where you could come and feel like you had a friend. I wanted you to feel like you have access to me. And that we could exchange ideas and I could learn more about how you use technology in your life so that I could write you better stories.

I just don’t have the time

I’m aware that I didn’t do enough work here to warrant me writing this semi emotionally-tinged blog post (is that terminology outdated, by the way?). It’s about me realizing that I’ve been treading water for the past several years, trying to figure out where to go next. I’m sorry that I roped you into something I thought I could do. I’m eternally grateful that you took a chance on me; that you thought enough of me to ask me for buying advice, and that you were willing to wait for a response before making a decision. I appreciate that so much.

Truthfully, this website isn’t where I’d like to put my energy. I would like for Flo Feed to be more effortless than it’s felt these past few years. I’d spend days working on it when I should have been working on something else, trying to make it into something it’s not. I’m tired of doing that, and I’d like to stop forcing what isn’t happening organically.

I’m shifting the focus of the site and leaving it as I intended it to be in the first place: a dumping ground for links to my work and a place where I can permanently and safely post what I don’t want to put on Twitter or Instagram. At some point, I’ll move the front page over to an index of its own so that the blog is partitioned away for those folks coming here for my bio and links to my latest work.

For those who are reading this and wondering about Honestly Tech, I will have some news on that coming soon. The lost episode with Isa Rodriguez will be published in the next few weeks, but I’m not entirely sure about what the future holds for the podcast at this point. I will explain it when I figure it out.

Thank you again.


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