Techie Chores to Help Pass the Time Until There Is a Vaccine for COVID-19 [Updated]

✅ Desktop folder cleanup I themed my Windows 10 laptop over the weekend with wallpaper by Elora Pautrat. I love her Japanese-inspired photographs and illustrations, not to mention her work is done in a color palette that resonates with me currently. I found an old Sailor Moon theme from ThemeWorld way back in the day […]

I had a baby!

Oh hey! It’s been a while. I was gearing up to close up the freelance shop before putting on my out-of-office message, but then the baby came a week early. I was filing work up until that point, even writing emails after receiving my epidural. But then one of my editors responded that I should […]

Just a refresher that the Pixel 3 a nice phone

I was creeping around on Twitter the other day (as I am wont to do when I’m procrastinating from doing the kind of work that pays the bills), and I came across a conversation among some folks outside of my usual beat talking about the Pixel 3. I figured this had to do with the […]