I had a baby!

Oh hey! It’s been a while. I was gearing up to close up the freelance shop before putting on my out-of-office message, but then the baby came a week early. I was filing work up until that point, even writing emails after receiving my epidural. But then one of my editors responded that I should put my phone away and focus on the delivery (she was right). And hours later, I became a parent of a beautiful baby.

I started my self-imposed maternity leave on February 14. I’ll be transitioning back into working life with podcasting sometime this month. The plan is to return to Material first since that has the most flexible recording schedule. Then, figure out if my husband can handle Tuesday nights with the kid so that I can resume hosting All About Android. Once we’ve managed that for a bit, it’s back to pitching editors and writing stories.

I have to think about what I’m going to do with Honestly Tech, too. I’m sitting on an episode that I recorded in November that needs editing. I have every intention of getting that out in the next couple of weeks. It will depend on if I can work on it between feedings and naps—I consider it the first actual test of how I’ll be able to manage a work schedule around the baby’s needs. I’m also considering moving to a Patreon model later this year for some of my content plans because working for free when you have a kid to feed is frankly unsustainable.

Until I’m back in the saddle, you can follow me on Twitter or join me in my Discord for random discussion. I’m also working on revamping the site these next few weeks. I’ve already implemented a new logo (using a Google Font!), and I’ll be doing some reconfiguring of the content you see here. The individual posts for work I’ve done will disappear in the next few weeks in favor of a central landing page that makes it easier to keep track of what I’ve recently published. I’m also bringing back my Ask Flo column. And I’ll be popping in periodically with updates and musings about life postpartum.


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