Ask Flo Returns to Flo Feed

While revamping Flo Feed, I decided it was also time to bring back the ability to send in for tech help. Many of you send in emails asking about what to buy and which Android apps to download. It means so much that you look to me for aid and guidance in your gadget life, and so I’d like to honor the sentiment by answering your queries.

If you’re new here and wondering what I’m talking about, here are some examples of help I’ve offered in the past:

In some cases, I’ve pitched your questions as articles to the publications I write for. More examples:

I hope to expand the list of help topics in the next few months, though I’ll need your help. I’ve got a massive backlog of questions I’ll be tackling while on leave to keep my brain sharp. But when I’m officially back on the clock, I’d love to continue addressing your tech needs.

How to contribute

If you’d like to send in for tech help, you can send in a question through the contact page or use the form below. For those in my Discord, I have designated a room called tech-help, where you can leave your question. The benefit here is that there’s a lively community to help you out. There’s also Twitter, where you can leave me a question with the hashtag #askflo, and I’ll see it pop up in its own TweetDeck column.

Coming soon

They say you have to give the audience something to look forward to, so they keep coming back. Here’s a tease at some of the questions I’ll be tackling in the next few weeks:

  • Is Android 8 too outdated to use with Android 11 on the horizon?
  • Which Android-compatible smartwatches are worth buying?
  • What are the best Android apps for making music playlists?
  • How do I stream locally-stored mp3s to the Google Home?

Ready to submit your query to Ask Flo? Get to it.


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